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Web Design

What is Website?

Website is an online office like your offline office.

What's the requirement for a website or office?

Major 3 items is most required for a website or office.
Items is the below:
1. Domain or Trade License (Which one is yearly renewable)
2. Hosting space or Office spaces (Which one is monthly renewable)
3. Web design or Interior decoration (Which one is one time cost)

What is Domain or Trade License?

Domain is a online name clearance or registration like memorandum for a office Trade license name clearance. This name needs to renew each year as per country/company/product policy.

What is Hosting space or Office space?

Hosting space or Office space, its point office location, when it's online office or website so it's take from any hosting server or if offline office, so it's take from any corporate building.
Office Cost Monthly
Office cost depend on your office space or size and location, if your office space so small cost will be smaller if so large so cost will be high, same thing for hosting space, if hosting space so smaller so cost will be small, if large space so cost will be high as per office size. Office space measurement system by square feet but hosting space measurement by (Mega Byte) MB.

What is Web design or Interior Decoration?

When your office space ready so now you need office decoration for office beauty that's why you need office decoration, same thing about web design when your domain and hosting is ready then you need web design for visitor, this cost is for one time, if you want to change office decoration then you need budget same is web site if you need change web design so you need budget.

So web site is an online office for a company, like related company offline office. 100% same to same. So your website means your online office this office can visit anywhere in the world or any where connect with internet.

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