Bulk SMS:0.22 Paisa

Free Musking/Branding
Real Time SMS Send
Per-Minute up to 1 Lac
You Can Send SMS by Location, Person Category etc

Software: BDT10,000.00

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Payroll Software

CCTV / IP Camera Setup: BDT15,000.00

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Adapter: 2pic 12V
HDD Memory: 1000GB
Setup Charge

Web Site: 5,

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Web Hosting
Web Design

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Sl. SMS Volume Non Masking Cost Masking Cost Each SMS Send Free Test SMS
01 500,000+ 0.22 Tk. 0.44 Tk. Send Test SMS
02 100,000 0.27 Tk. 0.47 Tk. Send Test SMS
03 50,000 0.31 Tk. 0.51 Tk. Send Test SMS
04 30,000 0.36 Tk. 0.56 Tk. Send Test SMS
05 15,000 0.41 Tk. 0.61 Tk. Send Test SMS
06 5,000 0.50 Tk. 1.0 Tk. Send Test SMS